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I will be a diligent and thoughtful observer of your day. I want you to be able to spend your time focused on the ones you love. I’m available via video chat to help beforehand with logistics + timelines to create space where photography can happen organically. 

*offered in both film or digital. Pricing varies.

Please fill out the inquiry form below for detailed information on pricing + availability. Or skip it and schedule a call with Jessica here.


30 minutes. $50 session fee + a collection charge that varies depending on number of images included.

collection charges:
+ $25 for 5 final image
+ $50 for 10 final images
+ $75 for 15 final images

digital or analog options

Analog Options: session fee + collection charges + costs of materials outlined below. 

35mm +$10
120mm +$25
4x5” +$50 

companies looking for uniform headshots of all staff please reach out for a custom quote.


local projects starting at $600

as all brand + creative needs are highly individual, please schedule a free consultation to discuss your vision and how I can help you achieve it. Let’s break through the noise!


packages starting at $800

collaborative process where I welcome you to take part in telling your legacy. Together we will document the precious in-between moments in your life, focusing on slowing down and being present. I will provide you with a single-use black and white film camera to photograph your own family for however long you wish, with some tips and tricks for ensuring the best photos. I will also handle the processing of your images once you have completed the roll. I really encourage all members to take a chance with the camera, including children! In addition, we will also schedule a day where I join you and take a documentarian approach using medium format color film. package includes: 

one single use flash camera equipped with black and white film (27 exposures) for you to document on your own. 

120mm color film (36 exposures) 


10 final color images as digital scans. 

all 27 black and white images as digital scans, along with the original negatives and proper storage materials to keep them safe for generations to come. 

2 printed images. Pricing varies depending on print size. 

All Are Welcome

I make it a priority for these sessions to be a safe and welcoming space for every gender, sexual orientation, religion, race, culture, and age.

*if you are sensitive to flashing lights, please let me know ahead of the shoot.

*If these packages do not meet your needs, please reach out and we can build a custom quote.




J E S S I C A   T A Y L O R ❦

Photographer specializing in both
digital & analog mediums 

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I am a photographer working with both digital and analog mediums currently based in Orlando FL, but will happily travel wherever your story takes us. Tell me more...