Image by Em White.Image by Em White, 2017

documentary approach
fine art background

I am a photographer interested in telling honest stories that celebrate human resiliancy. I invite you to join a collobrative creative process and be a part of sharing your legacy, using photographic images to look at your own life, family and community. 

I have formal training, with a Bachelors in Fine Art, concentrated in both photography and filmmaking from Virgina Commonwealth University. My  photography has been exhibited along the East Coast and in the United Kingdom. I am the recipient of an Etta and Bernie Edwards Endowment for the Arts in Visual Arts and the Hess Personal Mastery Grant.

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J E S S I C A   T A Y L O R ❦

Photographer specializing in both
digital & analog mediums 

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I am a photographer working with both digital and analog mediums currently based in Orlando FL, but will happily travel wherever your story takes us. Tell me more...